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Sharon Eagen

Sharon Eagen is a professionally certified Educational Therapist, Cognitive Coach, and Feuerstein trainer.


Her journey into education began with a reluctant decision to homeschool her children, only to discover an incredible passion for the learning part of learning - and how different that process can be from person to person. Soon she transitioned to teaching in a traditional classroom, and before long she was not only training students, but fellow teachers.

“I get really excited to see people raise the bar and realize they can do more than they imagined, and I love celebrating with them when they reach those goals! I am passionate about the potential in each individual and am on a mission to help people learn how to learn so they can use their God-given gifts to live positive and productive lives.”

This passion continued to grow as she completed her Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and began coaching people in their professional pursuits.  Sharon's thirst for learning has led her to pursue learning, training and coaching opportunities across the country and the world, culminating in the creation of The Cognitive Link.

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